Carbing a keg at 10 psi

Here is my problem. I have a 10 lb CO2 tank with a dual gauge regulator. It will be attached to a 4 head distributor. I have taps for 3 kegs. That’s all I want. I’m sure my pour pressure will be around 10 lbs give or take. I do not want to increase my pressure just to carb a new keg. Does anyone know how long it will take to fully carb a keg at 10 lbs psi? This way I am not shutting off the other kegs while force carbing.



It will be carbed in 5-7 days. But the CO2 won’t be hydrated for approximately 2 weeks. I’ve got numerous regs with dual bodies and I often find my self carbing 99% of my beers at 10-12 psi so I don’t really think they are necessary.

What does that mean?

It means the beer will go flat in your glass pretty quickly. Two weeks to condition just like bottles. It’s worth it though. Even when I’ve force carbed a couple beers sure you can drink them a week sooner but they tasted better the second or third week in. If you have three tapped it shouldn’t be a problem waiting for it.

What does that mean?[/quote]
It’s where the CO2 is fully dissolved in the beer. When CO2 hydrates it takes on water creating carbonic acid. This is the “bite” caused by over carbed beer. Its caused by excess carbonic acid. But when carbing you want a little of this acid. In addition, the CO2 beads in the head become smaller making them less prone to diminishing.

Like Brew Cat says, you can fast carb but you’re risking over carbonation and lack of head. Shaking while carbing only promotes the breakdown of foam positive proteins. In addition, it gives a little aging and clearing.

I have to disagree with you on this point Loopie. I always shake with the gas hooked up right after kegging until I no longer hear gas going into the keg. I then disconnect the gas and let the keg age until I’m ready to hook it up to a tap. I never have problems with too little foam. At most, that could be one of many factors that influence foam on a beer, and not a big enough one to matter if other items are OK.

RC, scroll down to the bottom: ... techniques

[quote=“Loopie Beer”]RC, scroll down to the bottom: ... techniques[/quote]

Yes, I have read that but it doesn’t seem to match my experience. Or like I said, it is at most a minor factor.

RC I confess I’ve never done a side by side comparison. Don’t think it would be worth it at this point.

I read that article a while back and my experience is similar to RC’s. I don’t shake every keg but I haven’t noticed any lack of foam or lower foam stability in the ones that I have shaken.