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Carb Question

If I currently have one keg already carbonated and hooked up to one gas line and I’m ready to force carb another keg. Do I just turn my valve off and the already carbed keg and open the valve to the new keg and force carb for two days, then return psi to desired amount and open up both valves?

If you want to crank the pressure up past serving pressure, then yes. You’re other option is to carb the new keg at serving pressure and wait for a week or so. I carb all my beer at serving pressure. By time the beer is carbed, it’s aged for a bit, too.

Okay, So if I’m turning the pressure off in my existing half filled keg. Should I have a specific amount of Co2 in that keg for those two days it sits with no pressure on it or will that 12 psi it’s at now be sufficient enough?

It will stay carbed at whatever level you had it at, as long as you don’t have any leaks in your keg. I’ve got a bunch of carbed kegs sitting around right now not hooked up to anything. Even if you had a leak in your keg, it would be really tough to loose enough pressure to really reduce the amount of dissolved CO2. You’re good to go!

I’ll have to disagree with CCM just a little. If you have a leak in your keg, the beer will go flat. It might take several days for it to happen. But it will go flat. Just like if you crack the cap on a bottle.

But, sense you have not lost a tank of gas, you don’t have a leak. Unless it’s the gas poppet. Which is being sealed by the gas disconnect.

Thanks guys, everything is good to go!

I completely agree with this. It’s my SOP also. I feel like the outcome is better overall than it used to be when I speed carb.

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