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Carb tomorrow!

I kegged and tried to force carb two kegs about 2 or 3 weeks ago only to realize last week that after we got done we turned the co2 off…So, we then turned it on and set it to 30 last Thursday…tried it again this Wednesday still not hardly carbonated. I did the spray bottle method and checked to see if there are any leaks. There doesn’t seem to be any leaks…Yesterday shook it and today shook it all still on 30…Still hardly no carbonation. We are having a St. Patrick’s day party tomorrow so I really need this beer carbonated…Any suggestions???

It ought to fully carb in 2-3 days at 30psi without shaking. Pull the pressure relief valve - do you hear CO2 going into the keg?

Just tried it. I do hear it going into it…

How full are the kegs? And are they super-hoppy? IME, over-filling can slow down the process and a lot of hop oil on top of the beer can form a layer that makes it slower, too. In the first case, just take out a liter or two to make more room. In the second, you could switch the posts around and put the CO2 in through the diptube. For both, rolling the keg on its side while connected to the gas will speed it up (disconnect the gas before rolling if you don’t have a backflow preventer on the line).

Thanks, We will give that a try.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help. That seemed to do the trick. We had some excess of foam but pouring it out into a picture first seemed to help. Thanks again!

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