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Caramelite Tripple Partial Mash

I brewed the Caramelite Partial Mash kit last Friday 2/7. I pitched it on top of a yeast cake of the Belgian Ardennes that I had used for the Surly Cynic PM. Everything went great and I had active fermentation activity within 6 hours. I cracked the top on my fermenting bucket today and I still have a massive head of Krausen on the beer (its almost at the top of the bucket still). I have never had krausen this long before, should I be concerned? Thanks for any replies/help.

RDWHAHB :cheers:


I’ve done 3 different batches with that strain, including the Caramelite Tripel PM. All 3 held the krausen for 2-ish weeks. Don’t rush it the yeasties know their job.

Did you remove any of the old yeast cake before you pitched the new wort on it? If not, and the OG of the new beer was < 1.090, you overpitched and you could get some off-flavors due to that.

But I wouldn’t be worried simply because there is a lot of krausen.

I agree with “rebuilt” – I find that removing half or more of the yeast cake provides an adequate level of yeast and I share the concern for off-flavors. I’ve done the partial mash recipe for “Tripel Carmelite” and the krausen is substantial and prolonged, but I wouldn’t be concerned since that just seems to be the nature of that beast of a yeast. The Ardeness yeast is an awesome yeast for so many Belgians. I find it to be one of the most versatile yeasts I’ve used and it seems to be very adaptable to different fermentation temps that produce a variety of flavors. Love that Cynic clone as well!

I’m willing to bet you’re going to love the results of your clone recipe – I’m still savoring the few bottles I have left after brewing it nearly a year ago. I’m looking forward to doing an all grain version someday.

Note: I did a pretty high level of carbonation for that beer and I think it adds a lot to the expression of flavors.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I’m thinking I’ll give this bad boy 2 1/2 weeks and start checking the gravity, when I get a consistent reading 3 days in a row I’ll rack to secondary. The cynic and caramelite were my first two tries at Partial Mash brewing and I’m really excited about them. I think my next beer is going to be a medium gravity all grain.

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