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Captain Crush

Has anyone used one of these yet and if so what’s your opinion? I’m looking for a mill and like the idea of the new roller design but the acrylic base and hooper have me concerned.

I’ve never used one but what’s your concern? Looks like a quality mill to me.

The acrylic base and hopper specifically. If something were to happen to the base, I suspect cobbling together a replacement wouldn’t be too hard but the hopper not so much. The PDF instruction sheet mentions polycarbonate, which by definition is stronger and yet the web site references acrylic. It’s a little confusing, there is no mention of any type of warranty and in a brewing environment, acrylic has me worried about potential damage. I could be making a mountain out of a mole hill but between the inconsistencies in the documentation and the lack of any review, I’m a little hesitant to part with $300, when there are other similarly priced 3 roller mills with a track record available.

I understand your concerns. I don’t know that it would break unless you got really rough with it. For questions you can email NB customer service. They are good at getting back soon. FWIW I think a 3 roller mill for a homebrewer is a little overkill. Might want to do some research there. I have an adjustable JSP mill that I love. Good quality. I know the hopper is small so I just added to it with some kind of light paneling.

Rocked out 88% efficiency with the Monster Mill 3 roller on its first use at factory settings. No regrets. It was well made. +1 to ringing up NB to chat about the mill.

Cereal killer… $100… it crushes my grain… I use said grain to brew… I get around 80% efficiency from said crush… nuff said!

Seems kinda pricey for a plastic mill, my sugestions in no particular order:

Barley Crusher
Monster Mill
Millar mill
Cereal Killer

I enjoy my Barley Crusher, its been working great for 3 years

I’ve had my Barley Crusher for nearly 8 years, the last year and a half it’s been acting up, it will quit crushing and just spin the roller. Sometimes you can run it backward and then forward and get it crushing again but usually you have to dump the grain, dust off the rollers and start again. It took me almost 15 minutes to get through 20 lbs of grain last Saturday.

It’s been a great mill though, it has paid for itself many times over, it’s just getting worn out. I’m thinking this spring I’ll send it back for reconditioning of the rollers and then sell it and buy a MM or try one of the Millar mills.

Looks nice but seems a bit spendy. I average about 83% with a Barley Crusher and that’s good enough for me. And my extended hopper is a Costco cereal box.

I prefer the Sam’s Club Cherrios box. :mrgreen:

I prefer the Sam’s Club Cherrios box. :mrgreen: [/quote]
This. I got poor crush when I used the costco box. Made the switch and never looked back!

I think this is a great looking mill. The plastic hopper and bottom lets you see where you’re at with grain level. The three roller adjustable crusher is going to give you a first rate crush with one pass. I like the idea of the rollers being slotted versus knurled, I bet that will not wear out as fast.

I already have a 2-roll Monster Mill and it works fine, if I was in the market and had the bucks I’d sure look hard at this new one though.

This sounds like blue vs red cooler, pants vs no pants, etc. Can’t we all just get along?

To the OP(or anyone else who’s interested in this mill), I just got an email saying this is now 20% off for the next 48 hours…just in case you haven’t seen that yet.

I just don’t see the benefit of spending $280 for a mill. Even 20% off it’s still $224. There are many great mills out there for about 1/2 that price… or less. Save yourself $100 and find a different mill.

The three roller mill does a little better job and if you’re crushing a lot of malt it will probably outlast the two-roll. Some of the mills at half the price are just a little flimsy. A Monster Mill is good at $150 but this thing is only another 75, I think it’d be worth considering at least.

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