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Capping issue

Might be in the wrong forum so I’m sorry if it is.

Anyone have problems with capping certain bottles? I saved a bunch from one brewer and when I went to cap all were crooked and I could pop them off with my thumb. Ran through 20 caps quick and pressed real hard and tried tried tried.

I didn’t try to pop them off but I did a tip test and nothing leaked out. Only one started to leak air (only 10 minutes into it) so I recapped that one and nothing so far. None of them leak liquid but has anyone else experienced this?

I had two left and capped empty Goose Island bottles and perfect fit. Guess I will drink some of those from now on.

Called the # and talked to a brewmaster and he advised I could wait two weeks and if no carbonation rebottle them and recap them.

Were you trying to cap twist off bottles?

Thantos is right. Make sure you are using non-twist off bottles. The caps may hold but not as well, and they are not very strong either and could break easily.

Also, look at the distance from the top of the bottle to the bottom of the second lip. Some bottles have the two lips very close and therefore do not work with the twin handle capper. It relies on gripping under the bottom lip and then pulling the bell over the cap to crimp it tight. Look carefully at it and you’ll see what I mean.

A bench capper can solve the problem with almost all bottles. I say almost to cover myself. I have never come across a bottle the Super Agata bench capper will not seal. I don’t try to reuse twist offs.

Thanks for the replies. They are pry of bottles.

Mullerbrau- I think this might be the problem if I’m thinking of what you are saying. The lip that the bottle cap goes on isd the same but there is a second lip or collar type thing about half an inch long. The bottles I was using were maybe a quarter or so.

Lesson learned. Let’s hope these are ok though.

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