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Capping 16.9 oz bottles

Does anyone have experience with capping these type of bottles? They are 500 ml or 16.9 oz bottles that I saved but noticed that the tops are slightly different than the regular 12 oz bottles I have been using. I did a dry run and found that I cant get the cap to seal as tight. I can actually spin the cap after its is seated and it pries off very easily. I am using a wing capper but have been thinking of going to a bench capper. Would this solve the issue? Was planning on using these to bottle my Chocolate Milk Stout I have fermenting now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A bench capper will probably solve the problem because the location of the ring below the lip is not part of the capping like it is with the wing cappers. I have used the Super Agata for many years without any problems on bottles from different sources. The bench capper does leave a small crease in the cap on some very old German pint bottles. Not a problem with the capper. The bottles are slightly less than the standard 26 mm. They are still securely sealed though.

Thanks Flars. I think I will make the investment in the same bench capper. I have been doing a little bit of research and kind of settled on that one too. I will have to mount it to a piece of 3/4 plywood for a base but I think that will work ok for stability. If this keeps up I may have to make a bigger laundry room to store my equipment, or move the washer and dryer. :beers:

I have mine mounted to a piece of 6" wide pine board. The board spans my workbench. Held down with C-clamps front and back.

A black beauty capper is cheap and does well in capping bottles of any size with a short ridge below the lip. A lot of bottles are like this. Anchor (steam, liberty, etc) bottles are like this as well. The red cappers do not do well on these.

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