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Capital Brewery Maibock Clone?

I’m looking for a Capital Brewery Maibock clone recipe. For those that haven’t tried it, its a bit less hoppy and more malty than your typical maibock. I’m not a big hop head so I particularly enjoy it. This is going to be my first all grain batch so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Have you emailed/called them? Maibocks tend to be pretty simple recipes.

Do they make a maibock or are you referring to their blonde dopplebock?

I seen this post about the blonde dopplebock.

[quote]I just got back from a beer tasting event where I got to talk with Kirby Nelson, brewmaster of Capital Brewery. What a cool dude! I asked for tips on brewing the blonde doppelbock and he gladly spilled the beans.

According to Kirby, they use a combination of 2 different pale 6-row malts (I forget the maltsters) along with about 3-5% crystal 20. “It’s a very simple grain bill” he said. Also, a single decoction, removing about 1/4 of the grist and boiling it.

As if that wasn’t enough, he even offered to give me some yeast in a couple weeks. “Just give me a call and I’ll be glad to give you some of the yeast we use” he said, as he handed me his card.


I have one fermenting. The recipe is from Wyermann’s site but I brewed it to dopplebock strength with a triple decoction. ... &sprache=2
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