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Capital Brewery Expansion

Good news indeed! ... index.html

Good news for them. We toured the brewery about a month ago and I gotta say their future seemed a bit dubious - a lot of uncertainty going around. Brewmaster left, changing lineup, nothing concrete to say about the expansion.

All the best to them. I wasn’t greatly impressed with the three beers I sampled after the tour, which were all new, but I do like some of their old standby beers like Supper Club. Of course, we had just toured Ale Asylum before heading to Capital. It was my first experience with Ale Asylum and their beer, and they set a very high bar. I’d like to maybe build a sixer and try again with the new Capital brews.

I visited Capital a few years ago and the beer was excellent. But, it does appear that people don’t have very good things to say as of recent. That’s sad as they have a great outdoor venue. Hopefully they can pull it together. Can’t believe Kirby Nelson left for a new brewery in Verona. Can’t wait to get back and check that out!

I heard the brewmaster left because he didn’t want to follow the current trends. He wanted to stick to the old world style lagers that Capital has always done. I believe this is why they called their first beer without him “Mutiny”. It is an IPA that he apparently didn’t want to do.

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