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Capital Brewery Capsized IIPA

Back on IPA day I picked up a bunch of “new” IPAs to try. This was one of them. Capital Brewery Capsized IIPA. Only saw it in a 22 oz. bomber where I was looking. Clocks in at a nice 9.2% ABV. The verdict:

looks like, smells like, tastes like a very slightly weaker version of Stone’s Arrogant Bastard.

This makes me very happy since Stone stopped distributing to Wisconsin a couple of years ago and AB was my go-to beer at the time. Fellow Cheeseheads, if you liked Arrogant Bastard as much as I did/do then you need to go get you some of this. Delicious!!!

That’s good to know neighbor! I’ve never had AB & was bummed to find it’s not available in Wisconsin. I’ll have to look for the Capital IIPA in the area. I hear Woodman’s has a huge selection so i’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip! GO PACK!! :cheers:

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