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Can't reinvent the wheel

Brewing up my first outdoor season batch and thought I would twerk my system. Not that there’s anything wrong with my old system but just because. Didn’t go as planned but ended up fine. Ended up with 12.5 gallon s instead of 11. had some DME on hand so no prob. It will be tite but I have a an extra 9 gallon bucket

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Try as I might, I just can’t picture you twerking…


Hmmm… suprised you didn’t spill more with all that shaking…:joy:

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I had to look it up. No I wasn’t doing that. That’s how rumors get started.


Consider them started.

All kidding aside, back on task: when you added DME, did you use a particular calculator or did you guesstimate? I’ve had a similar situation occur (too much wort, low OG) all grain, and didn’t have a plan in place so I just went with it.

I kind of went backwards with my recipe. I had it punched in to brewers friend and just put my new volume in then just added the DME to the ingredients field until I got the gravity reading I wanted. I’m sure there is a more straight forward way to calculate. The hops I didn’t change since it was an ESB anyway. I’ll have to fill a few bottles since it won’t all fit in two kegs.

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Someone posted a quick guideline for this about a year ago. I couldn’t find it, but I think I got the math right.

The guidelines:

  • Adding 1 lb of DME to 5 gal of wort will raise the OG by approximately 9 GPs.

  • For small adjustments, adding 2 oz of DME in 5 gal of wort will raise the OG by approximately one GP.

The math:

  • assume 1 lb of DME contains 45 GPs
  • 45 GPs / 5 gal = 9
  • 45 / 5 / 16 = .56

Of, if one prefers 43 GPs in a lb of DME:


Twerked up ESB ?:grinning: Sneezles61

It one of those days. Started by spilling some grain I had measured out. That was an omen. I contemplated putting everything away. I’m sure it will be fine .what’s a couple pounds of extract in 20lb of Marris otter gonna change

I’ll bet you’ll be happy… Heck, who knows, you may have stumbled on to process you’d employ again… I found snow flakes works well too! Sneezles61

Do they have to be identical?

Me got some light lme in the fridge for just in case

Impossible! AND no two brews taste the same… Sneezles61

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