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Can't figure T-58 out

I tried T-58 with a pretty standard american amber ale recipe that worked great in the past with US-05. Was interested to probe the ‘peppery & estery’ tagline on T-58. Was on travel hurry and pitched package directly to aerated wort (same as I did with decent results using US05). Primary at 70 deg 2 wks, secondary at 66 2 weeks. 2 weeks bottle conditioning. Carbonation is perfect but it has some off flavors that I cant describe but are certainly not peppery/estery. Methods the same vs prior succesful batches. Question … should this yeast be treated as a Belgian yeast? Meaning the temperature ramp that starts on the cold side and gradually grows to the upper temp range…

T58 is a Belgian yeast. Even if you ramped the temp up it would produce flavors that are off for an American amber. Give wyeast 1450 a try next time. Until then not so good beers always test better after you get the first few down :cheers:

Thanks. Will try this weekend a fresh T-58 starter with a Dog Fish Head Raison D’Etre recipe. Will see how it goes. For the time being I do agree with your point. After second pint you start loving the beer. Cheers !

What do you mean by starter with T58? You shouldnt be doing starters with dry yeast its not necessary and can actually hurt the yeast. I love raison D’entre im doing something similar for one of my next batches. Ive never used t58 but Wyeast 3522 is the yeast Sam from dfh lists in his book Extreme brewing.

Followed your advice of 3522 and it came out great !

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