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Cannonball Keg

I’m currently attempting to use my Cannonball keg for the first time. I have a Cream Ale that I started force carbing on Thursday at 15psi. I checked it today. It’s only been two days but the beer is still very flat, wouldn’t even push out of the keg. Is this to be expected, too early in the process? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hmmmm. That sounds distinctly wrong…beer should push out even at 2psi almost immediately, i.e. That’s How I push Cleaning fluid around, etc…

I’d start over, checking all seals for leaks, are check valves engaged…tank empty? Watch some basic kegging videos on YouTube etc to discern the issue…
However, with my “set it and forget it” approach beer would still be flat at 2-3 days at 12 psi.( but it would pour very easily)

Other than 15 psi, what was your Force carb process?

I reviewed the instruction sheet online and they are recommending 7- 10 days at 12 psi before even attaching the tap.

I would still think flat beer should stream out of that thing easily at 15 psi :thinking:

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Beer should come out whether carbonated or flat. Couple ideas:
With the gas line attached pull the PRV. Gas should come out and once released you should be able to hear gas flow back in.

Make sure your gas shutoff on the regulator is open.

I’ve watched some videos and tested for leaks. For the life of me, I can’t find any. There’s CO2 in the tank, I have gas going all the way through the tubing to the keg. That ball lock is the last spot I know CO2 is flowing to. If I release the pressure valve on the keg, there isn’t any pressure release. Almost seems like CO2 is making it to the keg, but not into at that grey ball lock.

Take the gas ball lock off the post use your finger or a small dowel of some sort and depress that pin in the middle… gas should come out… If not… Turn off the gas and disassemble that connector they aren’t difficult to do… Sneezles61

Take your gas in ball lock off and turn on the gas. Does it flow out?

I believe the issue is the grey ball lock. They give you these vinyl flare valves to help seal those locks. But I’ve noticed the ball lock doesn’t totally lock in with that valve being used. I remove the flare valve and it locks much better.

have you tried putting the gray gas line on the other side? (liquid out) My posts came switched when I bought a keg and I couldn’t get the gray coupler onto the post. The coupler should easily go on. I switched the posts to the other side and no further problems.

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^^^^ Thats why I switched to pin locks… So simple, even a cave man can use then! Sneezles61


I’m just starting to forcecarb AGAIN on my new cannonball keg purchased at NB. I wanted to make sure it’s normal that they release valve on the keg does have a slight hiss as the CO2 runs in the keg. Right now I am running 15psi. The CO2 tank runs and then eases off, pumps more CO2 every :30 seconds to bring me back to 15psi. Kegging noob, is that normal?

You shouldn’t have any CO2 leaking out unless you pulled the PRV. Make sure it’s screwed tightly into the lid. What do you use to sanitize? I use star san and fill a spray bottle. Spray it around every possible leak point. If it’s leaking it will bubble up.

Be sure the end caps on the connectors are very snug… You could even shake up your keg to get more into solution… Not that it will compare to set it and forget it… But at least you’ll get an idea. Or find out if its leaking… Sneezles61

I unscrewed the PRV on the keg. There’s a little small ring on the bottom of the screw, it had come off. So I replaced the o-ring, seems to have fixed the problem.

It seems like I’ve encountered multiple hiccups with this new cannonball setup, but I believe it’s all carbing correctly now.

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