Canned Pumpkin or Real Pumpkin?

Picked up the Smashing Pumpkin kit and I was wondering for the addition of the pumpkin to either use real or canned? Real pumpkin is hard to get right now unless you have it frozen from the year before.

Any differences using canned?

Canned will work. I’ve heard of people using squash as well

Canned pumpkin is real. Don’t buy pumpkin pie “filling” just plain, canned pumpkin with pumpkin being the only ingredient. Agree that a hard, winter squash can also be used. Fresh ones should be available in most supermarkets.

I use butternut squash. Cube it up, sprinkle with brown sugar and caramelize it in the oven. Then add to the last 10 minutes of the boil. I’m doing it right now.

I’ve read that some people bake the canned pumpkin, what does that add and how is it different from just adding canned pumpkin?