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Canister Filter

Would someone who has one of these please tell me what pressure you set the CO2 at to push it through. I have gone from a slow trickle to a foam gusher but only seem to get the right flow for about 10 seconds when the CO2 is disconnected.

Are you using the filter to filter your beer or as a randall.

If you are using it to filter your beer, what size micron filter do you have?

If your using it as a randall, it will pretty much always produce a lot of foam. Most time I see a randall in action, people will fill a pitcher and let the foam subside prior to pouring a glass.

I was trying it out as a filter. 1 micron. I don’t really notice a difference between filtered and unfiltered though. May just use it as a Randall.

One fun thing though, room temp beer gets the faintest amount of carb from the filter and the co2. Has the feel of cask beer… may be using that to my advantage.

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