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Cane Sugar/Corn Sugar

Can Cane Sugar and Corn Sugar basically be used interchangably? I am not talking about using them for carbonation, but using them in my Extract Boil pot.

They’re basically interchangeable. Cane sugar has about 5% more extract per unit mass, so if you’re using a lot in a recipe you might want to take that into account.

Thats really all I wanted to know. I just needed someone else to affirm what I thought. I am just starting home brewing and am trying to put together a few basics.

Yep, it hardly makes any difference. I don’t buy corn sugar at all anymore, ever. No reason to. Regular table sugar is just as good, and I always have some in the house anyway.

If you ever do use table sugar for priming, keep in mind that you only need to use about 80% as much as you would for corn sugar.

But for brewing a batch with sugar in it before the ferment, yeah, they’re totally interchangeable.

Why is that, Dave? I just double-checked the molar masses and the difference is only 5%. If your corn sugar is glucose monohydrate, that would add another 9% or so - 14% total.

You’re probably right. 86%. Somewhere in there. Let your experiences be your guide. All I know is, you don’t need to use quite as much table sugar as corn sugar to get the same amount of carbonation.

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