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Candy sugar vs normal sugar

Me thinking wedness day. Brew a leffe but it calls for candy sugar. At the moment. Not on the island. Can i use regular. Sugar.

Why don’t you make your own Candi Sugar. Great info in this post…

It says hold the temp 260-270F ?

That is the first of several temperatures to achieve. The video in the Sui Generis link is very informative. Quote “You probably shouldn’t be drinking while doing this…”

At 8:40 this video 's pretty special. I can tell from the video that I’m not going to be using one of my wife’s pots for this.

I would use table sugar then try candi sugar or syrup when it’s available to see if there is any noticeable difference. I doubt InBev uses candi sugar in Leffe.

That’s what I was thinking. At those temps stove top it’s going to be messy. Does not look fun. I’d use table sugar and maybe a handful of raisons.

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