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Candi syrup usage


Does candi syrup need to be sanitized by boiling prior to use, that is, can you add a newly opened pouch directly to cooled wort? For example, candi syrup added to the primary or secondary as mentioned in some Belgian recipes or using blonde candi syrup for priming can you just pour the needed amount in the bottling bucket?

The candi syrup that you buy in the store is pasteurized, so yes, you can just add it right into a carboy, etc. The problem is that it will be very hard to mix into the wort/beer since it’s so viscous and will just drop right to the bottom. I would suggest premixing it with some boiled and cooled water (equal amouts of water and syrup should work) to dilute it, and then add it to the wort/beer. This will make mixing it in to solution much easier.


I hadn’t thought about the mixing problem. Good suggestion. Thanks.

Or you can just add it to the kettle. I have found no benefit to waiting and adding it to the fermenter. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be easier on the yeast, but I’ve found that if you pitch a proper amount if healthy yeast that the added sugar at the beginning is fine.

I’m with Denny. No need to add it later if you are pitching enough yeast. Look at what the pro brewers do. Pretty sure most of them add in the boil kettle. Too much work with no real payoff to be adding 50 pounds of liquid candi syrup in a 30bbl conical.
Having said that, if I brewed a DFH 120 clone again, I would still feed it with small amounts of sugar over the course of a couple weeks.

My original idea was that it should be fine adding at the end of the boil, but the recipes on the manufacturers website had some syrup added in the fermenter. Late boil would be much less of a hassle.

I am intrigued by their use of the light syrup as a primer. Anyone have experience with that?

Yeah, I’ve tried it. I found it hard to accurately gauge the amount.

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