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Can you replace sensor on Ranco or JC with RTD sensor?

Can I replace the sensor on either of these controllers with this RTD sensor? ... cts_id=189

Is it pretty much the same type of connection once i open the controllre box up? (the rtd is a 3 wire)

My plan is to use this sensor in a Stainless Tee to monitor temperatures out of the ball valve during recirculation. Right now I just want to monitor temps but eventually I would like to use the controller to add a bit of automation.

You need to compare resistance profile of each probe
Ranco’s profile:
It is a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor sensor. The sensor resistance decreases with temperature increase. It is 0.25" x 1.94" long with 8 feed of #22 AWG cable. The thermistor has a reference resistance of 30,000 ohms at 77°F(25°C). Supports temp range of -30°F - 220°F

You may want to contact Pex Supply @ and see if they can help you out.

Looks like it may make more sensor me to get something like this: ... ucts_id=14

And use it for just monitoring temps for now and posssibly later to automate a burner.

Still trying to understand this stuff… Tough reading…

You can get a stainless thermowell and just place the RANCO sensor into that. Like this: … owell.html

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