Can you force carbonate bottled beer?

I have given a few bottles away to friends and the want to drink straight from the bottle. They keep asking about the settlement in the bottom. Just wondering if I could force carbonate without kegging it first…
Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I think thats what the beer gun is fer…. Not a gadget I’d git yet, I’m sure there are a few whom use it… Sneezles61

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I’m learning that a 5 gallon batch doesn’t last long enough to be giving everyone a couple, and I haven’t drank from a bottle in many moons.
I’ll probably not worry about it to much. Was just a thought. Most everyone I know is a Budweiser or Miller Lite drinker. I really don’t think removing the sediment would help much.

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You can keg the beer. Carbonate it there then bottle. After the first couple pints there shouldnt be much sediment.

If you don’t mind using PET plastic bottles this works NB says out of stock but Amazon and others have them. You will need to fill the bottles with wort and attach it to your CO2.

The problem is that if you give a bottle out with one attached, make sure the recipient is trustworthy enough to return it. I have one I use just to keep beer poured from my tap fizzy. Fill the bottle, squeeze out the air then attach the carbonator and give it a shot of gas.

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Granted I’ve only made one batch so far, but I drink from the bottle and sediment remains. I am likely more gentle since the stout gets angry if inverted quickly.

Don’t you have to start with carbonated beer when using those?

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Not really. I have connected it up to a liter bottle of uncarbonated beer, inverted it and shook it until carbonated. It helps if it is cold and not an exact science. Yes it is more handy for a to go bottle from your tap. I frequently take liter bottles along in the summer by just filling them. When I end up with one we did not use the carbonator is great to recarb the leftover ones that get flat.

I went ahead and ordered one of these kits from Amazon yesterday. Cost was about $12 with shipping, the ball tap and line. Im eager to try it out so Ill post my results


I spoke with the NB guys and they wont be getting these any longer so you will have to find them somewhere else

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