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Can this recipe be single infusion?

10 gallons, all-grain
Target OG: 1.028

Crunksauce Grätzer: it shall be sipped from rhinestone-encrusted chalices while sitting on the hood of a car, tradition be damned. More umlauts!

10 lbs Weyermann® oak-smoked wheat malt
1 lb rice hulls

The first thing that hit my senses cutting open the first sack of this malt was the pungent, woodsy campfire smoke aroma with an undertone of that bread dough that you’d expect from malted wheat. It’s unlike the bacon-hammy beechwood of Weyermann’s Rauchmalt. The kernels are small with a pinkish-orange smoke pellicle.

That much wheat makes a gummy mash – in his recipe in Brewing with Wheat, Kris recommends at least 5% rice hulls; I went higher, and also added some mash hops for a few more IBUs and a little more filtering power. It was a problem-free sparge.

1 oz Czech Saaz (whole) 3% aa
122 F for 30”
148 F for 60”
170 F for 10”

Upon meeting hot liquor in the MLT, the mash wafted waves of warm smoke with earthy, damp, woodsy impressions – a working sm

That’s some light smoky stuff. Where did you get the idea?

If I’m not mistaken 10lbs of wheat in a 10 gallon batch will get you around a 1.030 OG. Way too light for my taste but who knows. Please tell us how it comes out.

I would be concerned that even with a step mash that the wheat malt would have enough diastatic power to convert by itself.

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