Can Star San go bad?

I bought a quart of Star San 18 months ago. The last 5 gallon batch I made went cloudy right away. I plan to dump the last 6 ounces, but I was just wondering if there is an expiration date? Thanks. PS When I started this hobby I wondered about the guys who talked about how long they keep a batch of mixed Star San around and wondered why? Now I always have pre mixed ready to go so I have become one of those guys.

Doubtful. Better to ask the manufacture then a bunch of keyboard jockeys. :oops:

My guess is the chemical makeup of your water has change.

I only make up 1 gallon at a time. Use RO or distilled water.

I’ve had Star San go cloudy right away when I was making it with well water.

The beer all came out fine, but I have no idea if it was happening as a result of a chemical reaction that might impair its ability to sanitize. So I eventually chickened out and switched to diluting it with jugs of distilled water from the grocery store.

I’ve had the same big thing of starsan for years, hasn’t gone bad on me yet. I don’t believe it has an expiration date.

Going cloudy is a reaction with minerals in the water. Doesn’t necessarily mean its not useable. If your water is too hard, it could raise the pH above the useful level (needs to be less than 3) so checking the pH is a good idea when in doubt. A star san solution will definitely last longer if made with RO or distilled water.

Nevermind, I brewed in monday and forgot to turn the water softner back on after getting my brewing water.