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Can not find the answer

Did brew 6 weeks ago a saison. Yesterday we did a sample test. The clients in the brewery do like it it sells fast. But me. And brewing partner. Did taste light. Sour taste. In the beginning. So i open a bottle saison beer. To compare. And this one has not a light sour flav. So now i think. Could it be the. Yeast i did use. Belgian saison yeast. Maybe to warm for the yeast. To ferment. Or the grains milled to fine. Or the water. Here on the island. Went searching reading. And can not pin point the issue. Any thoughts. Ok. I use at home. Kveik. This ferments high. Temp. But at the brewery. I use saison. And i did make a starter

Which yeast? Wyeast 3724? Just pitched that last night. The DuPont strain. This one should work well for you, as it likes warm to hot fermentation temps.

One other thought about using 3724(if that is what you used), is that it takes a long time to ferment fully out, especially if temperatures are not optimally warm. I’m planning on giving this a full month in primary( or longer).

Thats the only thought i have. Yeast. Not fully done. Maybe a week longer or so. Its dansen saison yeast

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