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Can I slow things down?

First time wine making (wine expert - Gewurztraminer) - I had it in the bucket for 2 weeks, then a week & a half in a carboy before I attempted degassing.

That is where things went bad - I thought the idea was to whip it hard as possible so I went through 2 drill batteries and whipped it for about 45 mins.

Now after 8 days, the directions say that the wine should be clear, but it is not even close.
I kinda know from beer that time is never a problem - but is that the same for wine? I saw a video online where a guy was saying he was always a week or a month late because life took over.

I would love to get it bottled and drinking by the end of the summer, but I am fine with waiting if it would turn out better.

Any input to point me in either direction?
Should I just go ahead and rack it one last time or is it ok to let it sit a couple more weeks?

Thanks for any pointings


I’m replying to myself here as I don’t want to waste anyone time - just found this thread


so I guess I can be in no rush 8)

I don’t see anything that you should be worried about here, but I do have some comments and questions to offer up if you like.

  1. I’d say you went a little over the top with 45 min of heavy degassing, but I can’t see any negative effect it would have (maybe oxydation, but I doubt it at this point).

  2. Winex whites (selection) tend to clear very slowly compared to other kits. Was it a Selection series, or a vintner’s reserve?

3)You added all the stabilizers, the F-pack, and the fining correct?

  1. 8 days is not a lot of time for it to clear out. You should still be letting it sit about 4 weeks after stabilizing (assuming Selection series).

  2. If there is no sign of clearing in another week or two check back on this thread. There is always a plan B if there really is an issue.

  3. Do not rack this wine again until it is clear.

Thanks for the info - it was a selection series and yes, I did all the additions and F-Pack a week ago while degassing.

You’ve put my mind at rest - I’ll give it another couple of weeks

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