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Can I keg and not refrigerate right away?

I’ve never kegged before, but I’m about to!

Can I load my kegs up and replace the oxygen with C02 and then let them sit for a couple days before putting them in the fridge and carbonating?


+1 to yes. I keg, purge the air with CO2, then store in the basement till ready to go to the kegerator. Basement stays 60F or better.

Yep, I even carb my kegs at room temp. That way they are ready to go when needed in the kegerator.

i usually seal the lid well, purge the Oxygen out, and then just let them sit until something kicks in the fridge. I check on them from time to time and make sure they are still sealed though. Maybe once every few weeks. I slap the gas on for a few seconds to make sure it’s tight. I try to keep reserves up as really it’s just acting as secondary then and aging.

I agree with all who weighed in. You’ll have no problems at all if you brewed cleanly to begin with and avoided aeration while racking.

In fact I almost always have at least one keg of bitter or special bitter on hand that never even sees the refrigerator…I store it and serve it at cellar temps (nominally 60°F year-round in my basement).
I also always store my Xmas Ale at cellar temps from roughly March to November. I chill it after that only to make getting it into bottles easier.

I force carbonate immediately after racking to the keg and then put them in the corner of the basement until a tap opens up. Occasionally I have some beers that go 6 months (or longer) that sit in the keg this way at cellar temps (68 in the summer, 60 in the winter) before getting moved into the keggerator for serving.

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