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Can i just boil longer?

i’m at the beginning of a 90 minute boil. i typed my total grain bill into brew mate to come up with mash/sparge water. I forgot that cane sugar is in the recipe (included in the grain bill) but that shouldn’t affect the amount of water i need - i don’t guess. anyway the sugar accounted for a pound of grain bill so i added half gallon or so extra water - - - can i just boil longer to reduce the wort to it’s correct level?

If you have already started and have begun adding your hops, your IBUs will be greater than planned for. For example, a 60minute addition has now become a 90 minute addition.

However, if you’ve not added any hops yet, you’ll be fine with the extra 30 minutes so long as you add your hops at the correct time of the boil.


I’m not sure what your recipe is or your hop schedule. But yes, making sure to boil the extra time before your first hop addition to not alter your calculated ibus.

thanks guys, almost pooped ma pants

i’m attempting a chimay tripel clone…unfortunately i did a FWH and the only other hops go in at last 5 mins, fortunately I will be adding bourbon to the secondary…perhaps that will mask the bitterness?

Don’t worry about extra time with FWHs, you won’t be able to tell the difference. You don’t have 60 minute hops, but if you did you wouldn’t increase the bitterness from them much either. It is the late hops you need to worry about, so just don’t try to increase the boil if you’ve put anything AFTER the 60 minute hops in.

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