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Can I Hook Up Gauges to Your Co2 Distributers?

Hey I’m looking to purchase this: ... toffs.html

I just want to know if it’s possible to hook up keg gauges to them to know when my kegs are getting low.

Thanks for the help! Love this site!

Travis B Klein

What keg gauge do you want to connect? Once you know that then it’s should simply be a matter of researching how the keg gauge installs and adapting it or not.

thanks for the reply!

I’d like to hook up a good keg gauge to each of the 4 ends of the distributor.

I’d also like to hook up a co2 gauge to the end of the distributor so that I can tell my co2 tank level.

I just can’t seem to find just the gauges anywhere on this site.

Anyone have any ideas? thanks so much!

Travis B Klein

You are going to need a regulator like this … ernor.html then just connect the two with gas line. I am curios to see what you mean by a keg gauge. I have often wondered if there is such a thing out there but never dug into it.

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