Can I clear again?

I made ice wine using an ingredients kit. In the stabilizing and clearing step, I let the wine sit for two weeks as per the instructions. At the end of two weeks, the wine in the glass carboy was crystal clear, except for the sediment and some “cloudy” wine at the bottom.

While transferring the wine into a bottling bucket, I let the siphon slip a bit into the bottom of the carboy. What resulted was a bottling bucket full of slightly cloudy wine. It tastes great. Do I need to be concerned? Is there something I could (or should) do to put all the wine back in the carboy and do another clearing process?

More then likely all will be well if you just put it back into a carboy for a day or two, to let it settle out. then back to the bottling bucket.

It is in the bottles already? I’d just leave it where it is. It will fall out as a tiny bit of sediment - I don’t imagine all that much. Will still be clear in the bottles.