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Can I add water to a 1 gallon batch?

After I boiled my 1.25 gallon wort as the instructions said, I only had about 3/4 of a gallon in my fermenting jug. My buddy I go to school with says to add water to top it off, but I feel like that sounds wrong. I know water is naturally gonna evaporate, but is there anything I can to to ensure I get my full 1 gallon? Thanks.

Your buddy is correct. Top 'er off. In fact, look at the 5-gallon extract recipes and you will top-off water is part of the process for those of us without the time and equipment for full volume boils.

Yeah, top it off. Boil off can vary by kettle geometry, weather, vigor of boil. You may have to start with more or adjust your boil.

I don’t know about 1 gal recipes, but its common practice to put more than 5 or 10 gals in your fermenter to end up at the target volume when packaged.

After fermentation settles down you’ll notice a layer building up at the bottom. You don’t want that in your bottles.

Thanks, I was just afraid it’d come out weaker than it should. I like very full bodied beers and was worried about it coming out watery or weak.

Don’t be surprised if it comes out a little watery. Don’t give up either.

My first batches were both watery. One of which was the NB WH Honey Ale.

They were beer too, but watery beer.
They were also good even though I prefer a heavier mouthfeel.

I’ve been experimenting with maltodextrin which is an unfermentable dextrin to improve mouthfeel on some of my brews that I felt could use it.

The stuff is cheap and only takes about a half pound to see results.

On the contrary, if you do NOT top it up with more water, then it will turn out too strong and full bodied. It will not taste weak. Might as well get an extra couple of bottles out of your batch! 3/4 gallon will only get you 7 or 8 bottles – man, that almost doesn’t see worth the effort! I say that, and I myself am a small batch brewer. I brew 1.7 gallons at a crack and shoot for 14-15 bottles per batch. Not a lot of bottles but still quite a bit more than just a 6-pack!

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