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Can I add malted barley to cream ale

I am going to make 2.5 gallons of cream ale I have 1.5 pounds of malted barley left over from
another beer I made can I add it to the cream ale to up the alcohol content without
changing the cream ale taste a lot I am going to add a little cherry to it before bottling
making it for Christmas for the ladies in the family they like the sweet tasting beer

Well now that sounds good, except, adding some cherries, being sweet, it will ferment out and won’t be sweet. You will git some flavor and how much depends on how much you add. To answer yer question, yes you can add the malted barley. My question back to you, are you going to crush it and steep it so you can convert the starch to sugar? My take on a cream ale is its just the ale side of the american lager, done right, very drinkable brew! Sneezles61

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You can add any malt you want. The question is whether or not you should depending on the result you want.

What do you mean my malted barley? You need to be a little more specific. If it’s just 2 row OK but if you mean roasted barley that would change the flavor and color of a cream ale quite a bit but wouldn’t really add much in the way of fermentables. .


hi thanks for the reply what I have is 1.5 lbs 100% malted barley extract syrup leftover from a IPA kit it might change the color of the cream ale maybe a little darker but as long as the taste is on the lighter side that would be great

Gotcha. When I read your post before I didn’t notice it was in the extract category.

By increasing the amount of extract in the recipe without adjusting the hops you will likely get a bit sweeter beer. Sounds like that’s what you’re going for.

YUP you got it sweeter beer for Christmas ladies in the family thanks again for the information
going to brew this afternoon


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