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Can beer be shipped overseas?

Can beer be legally shipped overseas? I had some friends from Germany stay with us this summer. We brewed and it was their first time. I would like to send them some of their batch.

Would obviously depend on the laws in the origination and destination countries. I suggest checking with the courier you plan to use–assuming you want to do things on the up-and-up. :wink:

From UPS:

Note: UPS provides service for other alcoholic beverages (beer and alcohol) on a contract basis only. For shipments containing beer or alcohol, shippers must enter into an approved UPS agreement for the transportation of beer or alcohol as applicable, must be licensed and authorized under applicable law to ship beer and alcohol, and may ship only to licensed consignees. UPS does not accept shipments of beer or alcohol for delivery to consumers. UPS accepts shipments of beer or alcohol only among and between selected states.

FedEx basically says the same thing.

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