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Campden Tablets

I began using campden tablets on my last 4 brews as a means to remove chlorine from my tap water. I’ve been using 3/4 a tablet to treat 10 gallons of water. Since that time, I’ve noticed that my finished beer is cloudy. The first 2 brews were belgian styles so I assumed that the haze was due to the yeasts inability to flocculate quickly. The next 2 brews were British styles using West Yorkshire, which is a new strain for me. These beers are also cloudy.

I realize that haze can be caused by a number of factors, but I have made many beers without this problem. The only change that I’ve made is the use of campden. Is anyone aware of any haze problem that this chemical can cause?

It’s not the Campden. Must be the yeast.

I use campden for every batch I brew and all of my beer eventually clears. I actually use a whole tablet for a 5 gallon batch.

I use West Yorkshire a few times a year. Give it a bit more time. Although it is a high floculator, it does not clear immediately in my experience.

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