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Campden Tablets

Stupid question time. I just put together some hard cider and added campden tablets. My question is, should i not have the airlock on the carboy for the first day? I can think of a bunch of reasons why you would want it on but at the same time i think you need to allow the cider to offgas after adding campden.

Someone please enlighten me…

Please someone with more experience correct me if I am wrong here -

It should not matter as long as the carboy is sealed while the sulfur in the Campden tablets does its work. I don’t believe any pressure will build up so gas should not vent significantly through an airlock.

I think that is what I did with my first cider last year and it worked fine.

Tom, thanks for the input. I was starting to wonder if i’d get any.

It is typically allowed to vent in an open container.

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