Campden tablets effect on mash ph

Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but search gave me a million results and I didn’t have the patience to wade through them…

My question is whether and how the addition of campden tablets to remove chlorine/chloramine affects mash pH and chloride/sulfate ratios. If anyone has looked into this and can weigh in, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I use bru’n water but I’ve never tried to account for the potassium metabisulfite I throw in every batch, and just now started wondering if I’m missing something. Never noticed anything in the finished product that makes me suspicious it’s hurting me (with the possible exception of routinely lower efficiency than a lot of people around here report, but I don’t care so much about that), but who knows?

While the reaction produces 2 molecules each of SO4, Cl, and H, you are only reacting with a about 2 to 3 ppm of one of the reactants and that means that the concentrations of those molecules are also going to be very small. In other words, the results aren’t enough to worry about.

Cool, thanks. Your observation about the reaction is just what i was looking for, as I’m not a chemistry expert and I don’t even know exactly what reaction we’re talking about :slight_smile: . I assumed since no one worries about it as far as pH it was not a big deal there, and I guess the same must be true of its effect on chloride/sulfate ratio.