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Camp Chef SHP-RL and Keggle

Does anyone have the Camp Chef SHP-RL propane burner / cooker and use a 15.5 gal keggle?

I want to know if a keggle sits well on that burner…??? ... B0001D32QK


Looks like it’s 16" across the top - measure your keggle diameter to be sure, but I think they’re like 14"-15". You can always put a couple of 2’ lengths of rebar across the top, though.

The burner is 16.5" (per specs) and kegs are 16", so it “should” fit…

But, we all know how “specs” are…?

I don’t weld (for rebar stability) and would like to buy something that works as is… (I like the wind shield on this one, and its 60,000 btu…)

Tkx Shadetree.

Anyone have this burner and a keggle (converted 1/2 keg) who can comment…???

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