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Came across this recipy

Did see a recipy looks intresting. But lots of spices in secondary. Been using some. But never did use fresh peppermint. Or cardamon. Somebody did ever use this. So this goes in secondary. 2 oz staranise. 1.5oz. Cardamon. 3 oz. Pepper mint. 1.5 oz coriander. 1.5.oz cinnamon. Brew recipy. 14lbs. Palemalt. 1lbs flaked oats. 1.5 lbs caramel. Or c 60 malt. Hops. Chinook. 1oz at 60. 1oz summit at 30. 1oz summit at flameout. Og 1.074 fg. 1.010. Batch. 5.5. Boil. 7.7.

I’ve never spiced such a light beer but I have done a holiday porter with some of your spices. I liked it at the time it had a cola like quality. I think cinnamon can be too much sometimes and recommend coarsely grinding a cinnamon stick instead of using the fine powder. Cardamon is a great spice but perhaps an acquired taste. Soak 3 or 4 cardamon seeds/pods in a gallon of ice tea and see how you like the taste. I think they go well with each other and you will be able to sense the cardamon enough to know if you like it.

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Did a while back a xmas porter with spices. Did came out nice. Me got a weird feeling about using fresh peppermint

yes the peppermint sounds a little odd in that mix. I did a turmeric saison that was fun. The earthiness of the turmeric really played well with the saison and the beer had a great yellow hue.

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