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Camden tablets?

Hello I have a question about using this campden tablets to treating water with chloramines. How long does it take once you put Half a campden tablet in your water for it to get rid of the chloramines. Does one need to let the campden tablet sat in the water over night to get ride of the chloramines?

Only a minute or so. Maybe even less.


Be sure to crush the tablet to get it to dissolve quickly. The chlorine neutralization is virtually instantaneous when the metabisulfite is thoroughly mixed in the water.

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I have sparged with non campden treated water while doing BIAB. Do you think the excess campden tablet (0.5 tablet) in 5 g is still present after an hour mash? I have tried treating both mash and sparge water with campden, but 1/2 tablet is hard enough to split without trying to split it into 1/4 tablet.

The heat from the mash will denature the campden, so no problem there.

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