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Calling for backup

Well I repitched some saved WL530 that I saved from another batch and it’s been 48 hrs and there’s nothing in the blowoff tube. I opened the bucket to take a peak and there is dome krausen forming. I’m fermenting 5 gal in a 9 gal bucket so I wasn’t worried at first. Do yeast get tired? I saved this yeast from a Belgian that I left in the fermenter for five weeks. I took out another jar of yeast that I’m warming overnight if the guys in there are still slacking in the morning I’m sending in the reinforcements. Do you think I’m being rash?

If it’s a slow start now, tomorrow will tell. If it really is puny, that 2nd jar won’t hurt at all IMHO. If you pitch to a relatively cool wort, I wouldn’t worry of too much, not on a Belgian, that’s my experience.

Well we were ready at first light. I had my star San and my team ready. Then my wife came in the kitchen turned on the fluorescent light. And exclaimed, " you have krausen it’s fermenting your bucket is leaking " and handed me the duct tape. Immediately I was sent a message from within, a short little burp from the airlock, then another and another. Put the blowoff tube back in and sent 2nd team back to the fridge. Now I feel bad, how could I doubt my boys, they deserve some nutrient when they come out. It’s a good day

Hooray, the day is saved!

Wow! Four gallons of krausen and still producing. Either you over pitched, or the fermentation is to warm, or is WL 530 is just a beast when it finds sugar?

Only half inch of krausen but I use a blow off tube because I don’t feel like refilling the little air lock. Set it and forget. I don’t think its an over pitch at all.

I’m confused. You said you were fermenting 5 gallons in a 9 gallon bucket. That’s 4 gallons of headspace to fill with yeast before you need a blowoff tube.

I’m silly I guess

Yeah I would be genuinely worried if I had that much yeast. Most likely an over-pitch or fermenting way too warm if that happens.

Fermenting around 68 now. Pitched at 64. Room temp 62 . I let my Belgians go were they want. I think I’m good.

Yep, as long as you are confident in your pitch rate I’d say there’s nothing to worry about.

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