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Calling all BIAB users

I see there have been a lot of posts for those of us who use brew in a bag (BIAB). I’m not sure if many of you are aware but there is an excellent forum,, dedicated to this method with a very active community. They also have a FREE calculator for members, no cost to sign up, that helps: scale recipes, calculate priming sugar or CO2 pressure, evaporation rate and too much else to list. Anyway I thought everyone who is interested or already using BIAB should be aware.


My MacBook didn’t like this site… I merely went to see… I was told to “go back, unprotected page!” Sneezles61

They are doing a lot of updating and haven’t updated the certs it looks like. I had to add the exception in Firefox too. The screen in the picture is what it should look like after you promise your browser it’s ok.

Perhaps I’ll look later… I’ve no intentions of ignoring the Apple defense… Sneezles61


Completely understand, I wouldn’t either if I weren’t sure if the site was good to go…

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The cert thing is a sign of serious problems.

OK, so my day job involves cyber security which tends to make me over sensitive to some of these issues. Think of it as the firefighter who tells you to keep your turkey frier 15’ from your house’s wall. He’s right, but you’re free to do what you’re going to do.

Here’s the thing, the people running that site are probably well-meaning upstanding, righteous people. But when they’re lax on security configuration like this, that’s when bad actors can hack their site, and install malware that attacks YOU without the good people running the site even knowing. It’s like bad guys installing credit card skimmers at otherwise safe gas stations. They’re great people, but their ignorance is your vulnerability.


Great big hugs JMCK! :grin: Sneezles61

I’d love to spend some time there but the “This Connection is Not Private” warning still appears so why bother. I only have so much time to spend on forums so I might as well stay on the trusted ones.


I’ve contacted the site admin to notify them of the certificate issues. It turns out it has to do with the domain name registered to the certs. Only “” is registered and typing that in your browser will fix the issue. Even though, will take you to the correct site they aren’t associated with the certificate in use and that’s causing the issue.


that did work thanks

I was just there looking around… Since I’m not digitally enabled, it was really difficult for me to navigate… Sneezles61

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