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California Lager yeast

I’m putting together a California Common recipe that I’ll be using wyeast 2112 for. I usually like to get at least 2 batches from a pack. Does anyone have any other styles or recipes that are good with 2112?

Two styles come to mind for me. Baltic Porter and Cream Ale. :cheers:

I have some slurry that I’m going to use in something like New Belgium’s 1554. I haven’t figured out my recipe yet, but there’s a number of clones floating around out there. NB used to call this a black ale and now it’s a black lager. I don’t think the recipe has changed at all, though.

I really like this yeast I don’t just limit it to cream ale, california common and porters. I brew a rogue dead guy clone recipe using this yeast and works great. Also some blonde ales and Amber ales…

I would agree its a pretty versatile yeast, and I have actually used it for a proper lager (okfest), fermented at 50* or so, from a slug of yeast from a batch of cal common.

I would say it is a great yeast for any American ale, malt or hop focused. What do you like to drink/have an itch to brew? Throw out a few styles and chances are, it will probably work. :cheers:

Timely discussion for me – I’ve been thinking about getting into brewing something close to a “true” lager and, naturally, a California Common was at the top of my list. But, I’d like to use the resulting yeast cake for another batch. I was thinking of a Bock beer, preferably a Maibock or a Dopplebock. Any suggestions on fermentation conditions (pitch rate, temp, rests, etc) with 2112 for these styles?
Also, what approach toward lagering for Bock beer?

Maybe my first question should be whether or not 2112 is appropriate for Bock beers.

If I were to lager, I have a cold (above freezing) garage that might work, but I’ve been told that the smells of whatever is in a garage manage to find their way into your beer. Is this true?

I would almost go the other way and use something like WY2206 for both the cal common and the bock. I have made very good cal commons with this yeast before. I was talking with the proprietor of a LHBS and he was basically saying that a bavarian lager yeast would be pretty similar to what the settlers of california had to use, so it would stylistically be pretty accurate. Ray Daniels confirmed the same in Designing Great Beers.

As to your questions on brewing the types of lagers you list, they are pretty straightforward. Check on yeastcalc or mrmalty (I believe only the latter has a ‘repitch from slurry’ option), but you need a lot of yeast for lagers. The slug you get from your cal common should be plenty.

As far as rests, I would make sure your wort is chilled to 50* or so, then pitch your cake and hold the temp at 50* for 1-2 weeks, then raise it up to 60* or so for another 2 weeks. Transfer to a keg or carboy and let sit at near freezing for 4-6 weeks.

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