Calibrating thermometer

Hello, hope all had time to brew this past W/E… I am currently getting my revamped keg-mash tun in working order and I had a surprize. I sweated some copper together Saturday AM , so instead of brewing then I took it for a test spin using boiling water. 1,clean flux/oils, 2, see ifn it will work. To my surprize, the water in the HLT was boiling and my Blichman thermometer read 202!! Gadzooks!! So here in is the question, do any of you check and calibrate them? Maybe then, how? Boiling water or ice cubes and water? Maybe both to verify? I have the Blichmans on a tee at the port where the hot water and the wort leaves the vessel for ease of watching temps… I also have a quick read stick pen style from Weber, which read that the water was at 212…. I used that to verify temps when I brewed Sunday…. :roll:

If your thermometer is accurate, that would place you at 5,000 feet above sea level.


You can do it with freezing/boiling water. The problem there is that you only confirm that your thermometer is accurate at 32° and 212°. I would suggest getting and accurate trusted thermometer (like a thermopen) and use it to calibrate around 152°, where temps are more crucial.

Thanks Loopie!! Sneezles61 :cheers: