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Cali Micros

This kind of falls on the heels of the current “top 5 IPA” thread but I didnt want to hijack.

Planning a trip out to northcentral CA in the summer. Its a very busy family trip, and unfortunately will have limited time to devote to beer hunting. Will be going to Russian River for sure though.

For all those in the know, what would be one or two more “can’t miss” CA microbreweries to search out, time permitting. Will be in and around Yosimite, as well as SanFran, Fresno, Santa Monica, Monteray.

And even better yet, a compilation of great regional IPAs to seek out at restaurants/stores would also be greatly appreciated. I want to return home to the midwest having been enlightened by all the wonderful CA IPAs I cant get at home!

Anderson Valley
Bear Republic
And of course Sierra Nevada

All three are just north of San Francisco

It sounds like you may be better off checking out a beer bar or two (so you can sample multiple beers in one place) than trying to get to a brewery, if you are strapped for time.

If you are going to be in San Fran, I would not miss Toronado in the Haight. Legendary beer bar, and amazing sausages next door. Mikkeller also has a great beer bar there. There’s another place called The Monk’s Kettle that I went to last time I was there and liked if you are into Belgian beer.

Anchor Brewing is a good one if you are interested in the historical element, but not sure if you have time for a brewery tour.

I would skip Anderson Valley personally.

RR is can’t miss. Blind Pig on tap. Angels sing.

Thanks fellas. Will have to check out if any of those beer bars allow kids. Or maybe I’ll sneak out on my own one evening.

To add to what has already been said, lagunitas is a cool spot large beer garden with live music, laid back brewery tours where you can bring beer with you and you dont need to sing up or anything they will just walk by and start yelling follow me if you want a tour. Its also 20 min from russian river brew pub.

If your in san fran checking out the city magnolia brew pub is near Haight and ashbury has good food and beer.

Sierra nevada is a cool spot but its 4hrs north of sf

Never been but 21a, speakeasy and anchor are all in the city.

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