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Cali Common Fermentation Advice

So I am currently fermenting my first Cali Common and have a quick question. With my ales I usually ferment a couple degrees from the lower end of recommended fermentation temp. Once it starts slowing down I will give it a couple extra degrees to help the yeast finish up. With my lagers I usually pitch about 46/47 and let raise to 50 and just leave it for a month.

My question is should I treat this more like an ale or more like a lager? I am planning on lagering it for a month but I thinking about primary fermentation. The beer has been fermenting at about 61 degrees and is still going pretty strong, but just thinking ahead.

2112 ferments well down to at least 50F. For a CC I like it best in the upper 50s, but I adjust depending on how ale-like I want it. In my experience this yeast doesn’t stall at the end of fermentation, but it takes a while to clean up. So don’t rush it. I also think it benefits from lagering.

treat it like an ale. If you treat you treat it like a lager you’ll end up with something more like a helles.

If you brew a cali common and it turns out like a helles, you didn’t use the right grains or hops…

Yep. It’s to dark for a helles. I used the “Brewing Classic Styles” recipe. So I think I am good on that end. :smiley: Thanks for the help guys!!!

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