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Cali Common attenuation question

Hi All,
I have Cali Common going, PM.
used WYeast 2112, made a starter.
a good 4 days of visible ferment with bubbles and krausen.

3 weeks in primary now at 58*, just checked gravity.

OG about 1.053 (was 1.058 for 4.75 gal, then adjusted for almost 5.25 final volume)
FG 1.018
attenuation = 65%
expected attenuation with 2112 is 67-71%

here’s my question:

  1. should I just leave it be? then into secondary soon for a month
  2. OR should I rouse the yeast? or is it too late for that?


It’s probably done by now. You can certainly try to give it a good swirl to get everyone in suspension again, but after 3 weeks I dont think it will make much of a differnce. I would think the rousing would be better about 10-14 days into fermentation.

You can also try to raise the temp at or just above 60 after you rouse to promote some more action.

I just made a black “lager” with 2112 and got 71% at 53 F (1055> 1015), so you’re not that far off. If it tastes fine, dont mess with it

It’s going to be pretty sweet at 1.018 and you’ll risk bottle-bombs (if you’re bottling this). I would raise the temp into the low 70s and rouse the yeast once per day for a week, see if you can’t knock off another 5 or more points.

thanks for the tips!
I brought up to a warmer place, mid 60’s
and stirred it up.
will wait another week, transfer to secondary and then back down to the cold!

You could do a simple experiment: fill a hydro tube with wort and put a little sanitized sugar water in it. Leave the tube at the same temp as the batch and observe. If your yeast is active, it should krausen up. Another thing to consider is that, regardless of the stated attenuation of the strain, final gravity will be affected by the fermentability of the grain bill.

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