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I am going to resuscitate a Wyeast pack from March for a Gulden Draak recipe next week. I am planning on two stages of starters to get to 320 billion cells. In using Jamil’s and Kai’s calculators for continuous stirring, I get widely different recommendations. Any thoughts? I am probably going to follow Kai’s recommendations after reading his explanation but doing so may mean that I’ve been overpitching for years. I am currently going with 500ml starter followed by 2000ml starter.

I actually like a lot for stepped starters, the calculator is a little more geared to growing them up.

With out a microscope and actually counting the yeast cells, you are only guessing on how many you are using.

Make a small starter to wake them up. Then a larger one to get them to multiply.

What is the OG of your beer?


IMO, 2000ml (2qt) is to small of a starter. 3/4+ is what I would make.

Mr. Malty says .9g with a stir plate. Depending on which “theory” you use on Yeastcalc, your volume would be fine.

Thanks! I’ll go with 500ml and then 3000ml starters with continuous stirring.

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