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Calculating Gravity after secondary addition

I just brewed up my Christmas Ale yesterday and wanted to try adding the 1# of honey that I usually use in the process after primary fermentation. I have researched this and some say it may impart a little more honey flavor instead of fermenting out.

The question is what can I expect it to do to the OG? It measured at 1.064 yesterday when put into fermentor and normally I like it to be about 1.070/72 so that it finishes about 7.5% ABV. Again more research here says that 1# should add 7 gravity points divided by how many gallons I have in the fermentor. I have 4.5 gallons so assuming that I am doing it right with the numbers and calcs I get 1.071? Am I on target? Am I doing it the correct way?

You are right. Honey gives about 32 points per pound per gallon. A pound represents 32 pts/4.5gal = 7pts/gal so your brew will go from 1.064 to 1.071. Honey ferments out completely even in secondary, its just that there won’t be as much CO2 driving off the aromas.

Ok thanks alot for the response. This forum is a great resource, was pretty sure that I found the answer through past posts but wanted to make sure.

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