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Calcium Chloride addition - ppm as CaCO3 or ppm Ca+2

I am confused about what the correct units are regarding calcium chloride.

I have seen the “acceptable range” for calcium choride as
“50-150 ppm” but is that in units of “ppm as CaCO3” or “ppm Ca+2”?

My understanding is that:

the ratio (ppm Ca+2)/(ppm as CaCO3) is 0.4
1 gram of CaCl2 2H20 in 1 gallon of water adds 72 ppm Ca+2.

I dug. The units that apply when stating a ‘usable’ range such as ‘50-150ppm’ are Ca+2 (the ion), not “ppm as CaCO3”
Good info here. My acceptable range is what I feel like at the moment of addition.

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