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Cactus flav

No the owner of the bar. Micro brewery. Did ask me if i could brew a beer with local ingredients a cactus flav beer. Mmmmm. Dont know. If i would like this. Anyway. Help me out on this thoughts

I’m not sure you’d want too, but the first thing you will want to extract juice/liquid, then taste it. You’ll know then how/why you’d use it. I just think if it was good, there would be cactus brews available for sale. Sneezles61

Agreed. However, if one is brewing for someone else for pay, one may need to.


Dont know how to put it together. Hopwise. Got some time to think. Do like the cactus mango puree thing. Me old school. Not real happy to put weird things in your beer.

Did find a different solution. On how to use local products. Mango. And grains and hops. Got everything. A og of 1 071. Fg. 1 012

You guys probably are up to your ears in Prickly Pear(opuntia ). I know it was everywhere in the islands when I would vacation there, especially the “dry side” of all the volcanic islands. Grows all the way to Canada! Hardy stuff.

I think It has a bland starchy taste (the plant segments)and is used as a palette more than anything …so your idea of pairing it with mango is good. The purplish fruits would be more useful as a flavoring. Sounds like a lot of work though(the fruits in our yard have zillions of small needles.)

Shiner does a “prickly pear” that’s pretty decent. Not a strong flavor. Have no idea how the cactus is added.



I don’t know if this was mentioned already and I’m not seeing it, but try tasting the red buds of the flower before they bloom. You can find them on the flat circular type cactus. The round red portions where the flowers grow from are very sweet and actually taste very good. It has a lot of seeds in it, but is really good flavor.

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