Cacao nibs in secondary question

Very experienced brewer here but first time trying the nibs.

With dry hopping, if using pellets, I can rack from secondary if I am very careful and keep the end of the cane away from the hop particles. Sometimes I will use a small nylon bag.

I have heard the nibs float. I would like to add the nibs without a bag if possible since I do not have one (thought I did).

Is it possible to rack under or around the nibs? I do not want a clogged racking cane but don’t mind just being a little careful. Any thoughts from those that have “nib’d” before?


I used them in my past 2 brews. They did not float. I had no problem whatsoever transferring from the bucket. Nothing got drawn up into the racking cane.

Same here. I’ve used them in a couple of beers, and they did not float. No problems racking.