Cab sauvingon 2nd ferm clarifing super-kleer

Hi , It looks like I may be able to salvage my 1st attempt at wine making.In 6 gallons of juice I had what appeared to be a spontaneous fermentation even after camden tablet treatment (crushed). On the recommendations from this forum ( porkchop and rebuiltcellars …thank you!) I added a starter of my own yeast and it appears the wine may be salvaged.T tasted it this morning …a little harsh but not bad. The specific gravity is 1.002. I would like to siphon it to a 2nd bucket leaving the sediment behind, degass , add 1/4 tsb potassium metabisulfite, potassium sorbate ( to kill the wild yeast and back sweeten if needed) and a clarifying agent. At fermentation I added pectin enzyme, opti-red and betonite so there is some clearing, the juice has a nice dark burgundy color. As far as clarifying agents I have; super-kleer that I have read is harsh on some red wines, tannin powder, and glycerine the smooth the wine.But for tannin I rather use the oak chips. I purchased I have both light and heavy toasted american oak chips. I thought wine-making is easier than brewing beer :slight_smile: I would appreciate any suggestions/advice as I move to the secondary fermenter.